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Some refer to it as Castile, others as Marseilles, or even as French soap, yet they all mean the same thing… pure 100% olive oil soap. It is the mildest and most moisturising of all soaps. It has been produced in the olive growing areas of Europe for centuries.

Originally made for royalty and those that could afford it, the properties of pure olive oil soap were known long ago. It is mild, moisturising and does not interfere with the normal skin function. This simple statement should not be underestimated, in modern society our skin is exposed to a range of pollutants and chemicals. The extraordinary sense of balance and nurturing delivered to the skin by pure olive oil soap is utterly refreshing.

"The fragrance is so nice I like to keep it in my bathroom for a while before I use it."

Our easily recognised round soaps are hand made using the wonderful rich Australian olive oil sourced from the Hunter Valley and surrounding regions. Our own unique recipe and traditional method of making soap, produces a hard bar with a creamy low lather that is superb on the skin.

At Sinclair Wines Company we never add other ingredients such as colouring agents or Bees Wax, nor do we blend in other oils. Only pure olive oil is used as a base for our soap. Each bar is cured for at least six weeks to produce the mildest and moisturising of all soaps suitable for your face as well as a baby’s sensitive skin.

Essential oils and botanicals are added after the soap has fully cured. We have researched natural therapy and aromatherapy sources and each is carefully selected for its beneficial effects on the skin.

To ensure the richest possible fragrance our soap is sold quite fresh while the unscented soaps typically are allowed to dry. As a result our soap can weigh between 115 and 135 grams per cake.

Each cake of Sinclair Wines Company pure olive oil soap lasts at least two to three times longer than a commercial soap.